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   Food & Beverage
Ampang Eating Guide This is a group for helping people to find place to eat in Ampang. If you live in Ampang, join us and share the nice places to eat around Ampang! May 04 4
ampang getaway eat to live February 17 1
Bukit Jalil Food Guide Bukit Jalil Food Guide July 01 2
Food Bloggers Onion! Opps..Union hehe Think too much on food. Happy Happy! This group is for anyone who write Food blogs. Join us and share your blog to the world! Open Group, Feel free to join. November 18 6
Food Photography A group that promotes good food photography May 24 1
Mcdonald's Lover Mcd Chicken, Mcd Nugget etc February 19 7
Murtabak The taste so really superb! August 20 2
Pizza Club We share and exchange the best pizza recipes anywhere whether is breakfast, lunch, dinner, or dessert! November 18 4
sherly ong if ur know why can find the good tasted food pls tell me. July 15 1