New Formosa Restaurant @ SS2新宝岛餐厅

New Formosa Restaurant @ SS2
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46 Jalan SS2/24, 47300 Petaling Jaya.
Tel : +603 - 7875 1894, +603 - 7875 7478, +6019 - 335 3274
Email :

Operating Hours:
Daily : 12.00pm – 3.00pm, 6.00pm – 10.30pm
  • Place: Restaurant
  • Cuisine: Taiwanese
  • Serving: Fine Dining, Steamboat / Shabu Shabu
  • Ambiance: Cozy
  • Occasion: Banquet/Functions, Business, Catering, Children/Family
  • Facilities: Air-con, Wifi, TV/Projector
  • Payment: Cash, Credit Card
Lat: 3.11416 - Lon: 101.62126

Restaurant Introduction:

“I have had numerous meals in the past 25 years, and have yet to tire of it. It's constantly tasty and satisfying...” Eu Hooi Khaw, New Straits Times.

“It's a good place for comfort food but it also serves up 10-course gourmet meals for celebrations. The restaurants's appeal is in its Varied menu, and plain good cooking.” Ivy Soon, Weekender, The Star.

Variety and Diversity
The New Formosa Restaurant has been introducing Malaysian diners to the delight Taiwanese cuisine for the past 36 years. Their menu is extensive and varied; with more than 100 Shark's Fin, Chicken, meat, seafood and vegetable dishes to choose from, as well as Our desserts: from Taiwan's famous sweetie Glutinous rice pieces to crystallized yam to puddings.

New Formosa Signature Dishes

Tradition of Good Food
At New Formosa Restaurant, chef and proprietor Lee Weng Eng and his Formosan wife are proud to present the delicious Taiwanese food - a respect for fresh ingredients, well-honed cooking techniques and an innovative approach, Since 1980, They have been serving authentic and creative Taiwanese cuisine while keeping abreast of our customers' growing health consciousness.

Sesame Prawns (Left) and Boombo Prawns (Right).

We stay true to traditional home style dishes such as sweet potato Porridge and our signature Fish with Taiwanese Fermented Bean Sauce. Yet, we are always seeking new flavors to tantalize our customers' taste buds, serving up delights such as Butter Eel and Prawns in Bamboo Hollow. We are also famous for our Bonito and Ma la Steamboat as well as our Formosan Stone-Fire Pot - which cannot be found elsewhere.

Assorted-dessertAssorted Desserts

Dinner and Lunch Set Menu are from RM 98 and Above. We also cater for wedding dinners, company functions and birthday dinner.

Chinese New Year menu is available now! New Formosa Restaurant is open throughout Chinese New Year and New Year's Eve!

This year New Formosa Restaurant has new surprises to their loyal customers. There are 8 new dishes in total that will enlighten your taste bud starting from the President Prawns which can be hardly found even in expensive Chinese restaurants’ menu. Next, there are Open Roasted 8 treasures chicken, Crispy Duck, Fermented Red Bean Pork, and Stuffed Lotus Roots and Green tea Nian gao which are the perfect dishes for this Chinese New Year’s dinner.

Another surprise will be the Australian Beef Tendon and Australian beef vermicelli which uses premium imported beef from Australian and cook with a special frying pan which bought from Taiwan. If you like beef, these 2 ‘strong beef flavor’ dishes are the must try for you.

Don’t forget to pre-order these dishes before going to the restaurant because these delicious dishes take a lot of time to be prepared and cook.

Chinese New Year Dishes

Delicious Yu Shang


  • Formosa Nutritious Vegetarian Dish 宝岛营养素菜
  • Steamed Tiger Prawns with Herbs Taiwanese Hakka Style 台式客家竹筒虾
  • Braised Duck with Seafood and Vegetables 台式焖鸭
  • Deep fried Sesame Chicken Taiwanese style 台式芝麻鸡
  • Butter Eel Formosan Style 台式奶油鳗鱼    
  • Roasted Pi-pa Duck with Longan 龙眼琵琶鸭
  • Yam Ginkgo Pudding 銀杏芋泥 (素)
  • Caramel Custard Pudding 金牌乳味雞蛋布丁
  • Honey Herbal Pudding 蜜汁歸苓膏


Comments on this restaurant:

On 2/2/2009 a traveler from USA said:

the food there is excellent. each time i go to Malaysia, i make sure to eat there. i especially like the desert " tian mi mi?"

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On 5/13/2009 Oracle9 said:

I like this restaurant too! It's hard to find authentic taiwanese food in KL. Must try the 'Stone Steamboat'!

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On 11/9/2009 Lina said:

Been here few times already. The food is good and the Lady Boss is so nice and friendly.

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