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RM Cafe
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F1.AV.177-181 & 193, Asian Avenue, 1st Floor, Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall, No 3 Jalan PJS 11/15, Bandar Sunway, 46150 Petaling Jaya.
Tel: 012 330 0518
Operating Hours:
10.00am - 10.00pm Daily
  • Place: Cafe
  • Cuisine: Local, Nyonya
  • Serving: Halal
  • Ambiance: Cozy
  • Occasion: Catering, Children/Family, Gatherings
  • Facilities: Air-con, In-House Parking
Lat: 3.0733 - Lon: 101.60761

Restaurant Introduction:

RM Cafe - Flavors of Malaysia!

Talking about Flavors of Malaysia, authentic Nyonya food is always one of the representational cuisine one should not have missed. Competing with other established restaurants which served Nyonya cuisine for years, the newly established RM Cafe Restaurant in April 2008 has proven its success by the mouth-watering dishes made by the Chef – Adrian Suan, a Malacca-born Baba with 30 years' experience in cooking Peranakan cuisine.

Ayam Percik Sambal Prawn Rice
Ayam Percik Sambal Prawn Rice

“People these days do not take the trouble to use traditional tools to prepare their dishes,” Suan said the ingredient ground by hand tasted different and will result in stronger taste. RM means Rasa Malaysia or Flavours of Malaysia which represents the authentic assurance from Suan who has 35 experience in serving fine traditional Nyonya food in various events catering  including The Palms Coffee House, Sunway Lagoon Club, Bandar Sunway.

Mi Rebus
Mi Rebus

Located at Asian Avenue- Sunway Pyramid, RM Cafe serves variety of local and Nyonya foods in a delicately made dishware with pretty dish decoration you may only see in fine dining restaurants. “Sometimes, generations will take more than 10 years to perfect a dish,” he said, adding that most of the dishes he prepared were learnt from his mother.

Suan recommend Nyonya Assam Fish Fillet Set that comes with fish fillet poured with specially made spicy, sour gravy, Sambal Sotong and “Ju Hu Char” – A traditional Nyonya style braised Julienne Yambean, Carrots & Shredded Cutter Fish, served with Sambal Belachan & Fresh Lettuce. RM Specialty Ayam Goreng Rangup is another must try for its unique preparation and sauce where the chicken is marinated with Penang Special Sauce till tender, sealing the flavor served withRM Sambal Belachan, Scallop Potatoes, Pickled Vegetables and Egg Fried Rice.

Fried Tong Hoon
Curry Puff
Pie Tee Nyonya Top Hats
Pie Tee Nyonya Top Hats

If you are looking for Mi and Noodles type of dishes, the RM Mi Hoon “Briyani” Style that served with Fried Chicken and Pickled Salad will certainly make you keep coming back for it. Other specialties like Mi Rebus and Nasi Lemak “RM” are not to be missed too. For local flavor desserts, “Or Kuih” Savoury Yam Cake, Popia Goreng, Nyonya “Pie Tee” and Rojak Melaka are best served with a cup of fresh brewed Ipoh White Coffee.

You also can buy Home-made Dishes and Home-made in Bottles at RM Cafe.

Home-Made Dishes

Pineapple Tart
Pineapple Tart
Home Made Product
Yam (Taro) Cake & Kuih Talam Pandan

Home-Made in Bottle

Nyonya Acar Timun, RM Tam Yam Sauce, Sambal Tumis, Rojak Sauce, Laksa Nyonya Sauce

Franchise Opportunity

Founded in April 1998, RM Cafe made it mark, renowned for its fine authentic Nyonya and Local dishes. The owner Adrian is a Malaysian Chinese has more than 35 years experience in the food and beverage industry, a significant part of which was in hands-on operation as Operator or Chef in company operated Restaurant, Cafe, Club, and International Hotel, and was a Official Caterer for Malaysian Government LIMA 1991 at Pulai Langkawi and Kedah to serve a thousand international participants per day for five days.

In Japan - they loved our “Roti Canai” even RM Cafe demonstrated to the Japanese and also our fish head curry. In China they loved our white coffee, curry puff, laksa & etc. In Australia, Melbourne, there are many “Kopitiam Mushrooming”, most of the information the RM OWNER HAS OBTAINED INFORMATION & ALSO EXPERIENCED as our government encourage we Malaysians to make our heritage Gourmet as popular as our neighbour, like the “Thai, Korean, Japanese.

RM Cafe has a high return of investment with relatively low capital and break-even period and with Adrian extensive knowledge and experience in F&B business, he is desire to continue serving food and beverage sector of the industry that he has been intimately and actively involved in over his entirely career in F&B, now seeking opportunity to franchise the business. You’re welcome to email Adrian Suan regarding franchise opportunity at isuanrm@gmail.com

Please email the following details to isuanrm@gmail.com.

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  2. Location.
  3. Opening Date
  4. Starting Capital

Click the link on the right to view RM Cafe Company Profile

RM Cafe For Sale

Cafe in shopping mall for sale. Potential to develop franchise or licensing in Malaysia, China, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore & Japan. Be another rising star like KFC, Old Town?

Opportunity you cannot miss, contact Mr.Adrian 012 330 0518

Comments on this restaurant:

On 5/18/2009 Oracle9 said:

Visited this restaurant before. Their belachan and sauces are really authentic. Price is affordable compare to other local/Nyonya restaurant.

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