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Posted by Christine on February 14, 2008 - Filed under: Member Talks

In a land so rich in tradition which has seen the rise of so many civilizations, it would be surprising if Indian food had remained untouched by the hands of history. The ancient Indian where a wheat-eating race and gave the world that essentially Indian bread, the chapati. The Moguls made a culinary coup by bringing in the tandoor (an oven made of earth and heated by a slow charcoal fire) and creating the delectable Mughlai cuisine of biryanis (an exquisite rice preparation) with meat, herbs and seasoning and Rormas (a spicy meat or vegetable preparation). The British raj spawned an interesting Anglo-Indian gastronomic culture of which the jhaal frezi (stir fried vegetables or meat cooked with onions and chillies) and the mulligatawny soup (a soup made of lentils, meat pieces and rice) are still eaten with relish.

The New Mogul house giving a many special dishes throw Mogul cosine. We have an extensive variety of vegetables and non-vegetarian dishes that are elaborately prepared the true northern Indian breads, Veg. Khazana, Indian traditional handi gosht , Clay pots, Fish Sizzling, Butter Chicken are the other methods commonly used. The menu is extensive with a number of innovative authentic dishes (including a good choice for vegetarians). All dishes can be ordered as takeaways. Entrees that should go on your list are samosas, pastry filled with spiced vegetables, jhinga tandoor, pawns marinated in yoghurt and mix pakora; chopped spicy vegetables deep fried in batter. Mains come with rice. There's a variety of curries, tandoori dishes and traditional breads from the tandoor. Condiments are all one price, mango chutney, pickles, papadums, cucumber and yoghurt ralta, banana and coconut and tomato and onion kachumber. As a joyful term of experienced hosts, we uphold our commitment to serve you at our best offer you a dining experience to cherish and make sure you and your guests enjoy every second of your time at new mogul House.

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