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Food Review - Sg Besi Wan Tan Mee Article Rating

Posted by JM on January 08, 2009 - Filed under: Member Talks

Getting there
If you are on the KL-Seremban Highway headed south from the city, then the stall is situated on your left, about 800m after you pass the Loke Yew roundabout. The landmark to look out for is the BHP Petrol Station on your left just before the stall.

If you on the KL-Seremban Highway and are coming from the south towards KL, then you would need to make a U-turn to the right (after you pass the old military airport on your left). Head towards Jalan Chan Sow Lin. You may either turn in at Jalan 2 or Jalan 3 as the stall is between Jalan 2 & Jalan 3.

The stall is “co-located” at the side of a Car Accessory shop. So it’s not hard to locate.

Parking is a bit of a challenge depending on which way you are coming from.
You may try your luck right at the stall front. The parking bays are very limited (probably may accommodate 6 cars). There are several more parking bays at the side of the stall but you would need to slow down and make a left turn right before the stall.

I usually park at Jalan 3 (as by then the metal works shops would be closed) and walk over.

Service is fast and hassle free. As they have quite an extensive menu, the order takers would usually try to cross sell other menu items to diners.

Typical of eateries of this type, it’s clean & bright enough for a comfortable dining experience. Plastic tables and chairs with the condiments and utensils on the tables.

What can I say?
I have been eating here for almost 10 years. I love this place and the taste of the food. The noodles are firm and springy and the soy sauce that accompanies the noodles is just perfect (as I always take it dry).

I always add a generous dollop of the “good stuff” from the condiments. I believe it is fried dried shrimp, shallots and sambal. The other ingredient is of course the pickled green chili in soy sauce.
Presentation’s good as they always come in clean plates and the way the food is arranged on the plates just invites you to dig in.
They have many varieties of Wan Tan Mee including:
- Jar Yuk
- Char Siew Wan Tan
- Curry San Jue Yuk
- Mushroom & Chicken Feet

There are other side order items including:
- Sui Gow
- Yong Tau Foo
- Yow Choy
- Jue Geok Choe

There is also a Rojak stall set up right in the corner as you approach the Wan Tan Mee stall.

Value for Money
This place offers good value for the taste and presentation. I love eating here and have no qualms eating here several times a week.

Good value and quick service. Give it a try and let me know if you agree.

Please go to for review with pictures.

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howeh Said:

This Wan Tan Mee i try before. They only open at midnight right?

Really good taste for their Mee. Totally Different from other Malaysia Kiosk/Stall Wan Tan Mee.

Last time i went and tried the Pork Curry Wan Tan Mee. Wow! The taste of Pork Curry really nice. Unbelievable tasty.

Wan Tan also not bad but i just taste one only because after finish the Pork Curry Wan Tan Mee, my stomach full already. Cannot continue to have the Wan Tan. haha

Friday, January 9, 2009 7:36 PM
JM Said:

Hi Howeh,

Yes, this place is only open after 7pm. I have been eating here for many years! Great stuff and great value! I usually go for the Char Yuk Dry. I also put in lots of the sambal. Makes it taste really good =P.

Sunday, January 11, 2009 5:20 PM
Tina Said:

after 7pm only open. I always take Wan Tan Mee as breakfast, never try it at night. ^^

Monday, January 12, 2009 11:19 AM
JM Said:

Hi Tina,

Well, isn't it now time to try it out? Technically, after 12MN, it's also morning. This place is open to all the Yeh Kwais after clubbing so they are open till about 4am. Let me know what you think. ;)

Monday, January 12, 2009 6:13 PM
howeh Said:

@JM, Char Yuk look like very fat, so i don't like it :P

@Tina, you should take Wan Tan Mee as supper. haha

Tuesday, January 13, 2009 10:31 AM
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