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The Malaysian Food Blogs Aggregator 2009 It’s time to Feed! Article Rating

Posted by Monica! on January 19, 2009 - Filed under: Site News

The 2009 Malaysian Food Blogs Aggregator is finally completed! Now you can easily read over 120 Malaysian Food Blogs from's Food Blogs Readings Page or via Malaysia Food Blogs Aggregated RSS Feed!

Famous Floggers (Food Blogger) Vkeong, Food Poi, KYspeaks etc are all included!
Now you will get instantly updated when there're new food reviews!

So, what is this Food Blogs Aggregator about? Well, imagine that there are more than 120 bloggers talk about food and restaurants just in Kuala Lumpur! The first task for food blogger is to build reputation and bring traffic to their food blog. One good strategies is to setup with Food Blog Aggregators to syndicate your content to them.

The food blog aggregators will then republish your content to the aggregated site for people to read and provides link back to your original post. When you post again on your food blog, within the hour your blog post will be republished on the aggregation site.

Using food blog aggregators is best to get some traction in the search engine as they already have significant page rank.

With this Aggregator, people can instantly know who post a new review and you will gain more traffic and PageRank weight! For those just reading around, this food blog Aggregator and Aggregated RSS Feed will act as an promotional tools to your blog!

People can use this RSS feed to read your blog post using Google Reader or similar Feed Reader.

I'm not included in the Malaysia Food Blogs Aggregated RSS Feed! Just send us your food blog url and we will add it after proper review. For more information about RSS Feed and Blogs Aggregator, kindly visit this page for more information about RSS.

We recommend Google Reader to read   Malaysia Food Blogs Aggregated RSS Feed!

If you're looking for International Food Blogs Aggregators, here's some best of the best:

Food Candy
Food Blogs Live
360 Eats
Food Porn Watch
Blog Appetite

Don't forget to join Malaysian Food Blogs Aggregator if your are a Malaysian Food Blogger!


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Ah Nong Said:
Ah Nong

check them out !

Wednesday, November 11, 2009 2:26 AM from:
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