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Posted by Monica! on June 29, 2009 - Filed under: Dining Experience

Hong La Qiao Restaurant - 红辣椒川菜火锅城

Ever wish try on authentic Si-Chuan cuisine?

Located in Pudu for almost two decades, Hong La Qiao Restaurant is the first restaurant focusing on Si-Chuan hot pot dining in the place. Hong La Qiao means Red Chillies in Chinese, where it is easy to remember and bring out the theme of the restaurant. The owner, Mr. Li Ying Ping and the chefs are all from China.

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"Spicy Diced Chicken" - Fried Diced Chicken that is so Crunchy and full of spice and aroma.
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"Boiled Fish in Hot Sauce" - Mouth watering Sliced Fish in boiled in hot sauce, yummy!


The taste of the food here is absolutely authentic as the chefs have decades of experience in cooking Si-chuan dishes and they have never been sloppy on bringing out the taste of the origin to their customers. Furthermore, many of the ingredients are freshly imported from China to preserve authentic flavor of the Si-Chuan dishes.

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Stewed "Soo Toong" Pork - Different from others where it is not oily and a bit of sweetness
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"Teamed Prawn with Garlic" - Fresh cooked Prawn with light sauce, full of umami.


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"YuanYang Hotpot" - Over hundreds of ingredients to choose from!

Hong La Qiao serves up to eight types of hot pot soups and the recommended signature YuanYang Hotpot is made with a recipe that takes years to perfect. There are over 100 kinds of ingredients to choose for the hotpot, you would find rare ingredients like the Australian abalone slices, fresh sea cucumbers, finless eel and they are best taste with specially made sauces.

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Si-Chuan Cold Dishes and Dim-Sum

Si-Chuan cuisine also flavor for its cold dishes and dim-sum. Signature dishes like “Spicy Diced Chicken”, “boiled fish in spicy sauce”, “Spicy & Delicious Chicken”, “Drunken Chicken Feet”, “Soya Sauce Pig's Ear”, Vegetable Buns, Steamed dumplings and so on. Hong La Qioa also serves dishes that are not spicy, authentic taste and not oily which perfect for local gourmands nowadays.

Its varieties of dishes, transport accessibility and Elegant and comfortable decoration makes Hong La Qiao Restaurant a suitable for host a party or banquet. It can serves up to 43 tables and Private rooms is available too.

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