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Posted by howeh on January 21, 2008 - Filed under: Member Talks

Rakuzen's ambience brings from Japan the latest in restaurant interior design. Classic lines and colours dominate, complemented by creative use of space to accentuate roominess and accommodate a large crowd, while at the same time maintaining privacy.

Culinary-wise, the menu maintains its tradition in serving the best Japanese cuisine by its bona fide chefs from Japan. Backed by years of experience, executive chefs Takahiro Kinoshita and Yoshikatsu Taira stay on the beaten path of authentic Japanese cooking.

Examples of starters include Sushiya no Sakusaku Sappari Salada, a lovely tossing of seafood and greens with special Rakuzen dressing made of mayonnaise, oil, miso and blended vegetable.The Jumbo Chawanmushi Kaisen Ankake is a nice blend of soft steamed egg with shark's fin, scallops, prawns and crabmeat. This comes with a top layer of clear, flavourful broth.

Of course, what is a Japanese meal without raw seafood dipped in soy sauce and wasabi? The Senraku Sashim Moriawase is where connoisseurs can judge the worth of a Japanese restaurant: through the freshness of the raw tuna belly, salmon, scallop and squid, among others. For cooked options, there is the Hotate no Misomayo Yaki (grilled scallop with miso and mayonnaise), topped with springy hon shimeiji mushrooms.

A popular dish with both local and Japanese diners is the Dragon Roll, in which crispy fried prawn is wrapped in seaweed and rice, and topped with avocado slices.

Other options include Inaniwa Udon and Unagi Zen and desserts include Yuzu Sorbet and the Goma Ice (black sesame ice cream).

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Jonas Said:

We will not visit your place because you serve and process shark fin soup, thereby contributing to the extinction of the shark population.

EDUCATE YOURSELF and adapt if you want western clients!

Shark finning will remove the top predator from the ocean's food chain over the next few years unless Asia stops this cruel and senseless slaughtering. That in turn would lead to lower forms like algae to grow uncontrollably and your entire fisheries would go down the drain.

INFORM YOURSELF AND STOP EATING A TASTELESS PIECE OF "SEAFOOD" that leaves sharks in agonizing pain. You would not do this to Dolphins (oh wait, you actually do that too!).

Wednesday, August 26, 2009 10:17 AM from:
kusyairi Said:

Dear Sir,

We are Iredalei Oyster supplier which is situated in Kedah.Due to the growing of your company, we still looking support from you. We capable to supply Oyster 2000 pcs weekly. Please feel free to contact us for enquiries.

Thank You & Brgds
Aquazee Ent

Wednesday, February 23, 2011 8:56 PM from:
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