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Posted by howeh on January 23, 2008 - Filed under: Member Talks

Barbeque meals are popular with the community. They bring people together and promote camaraderie among family and friends.

One good place to enjoy such an experience is at Daidomon Japanese BBQ Restaurant in Great Eastern Mall.

Yummy!: The food tastes as good as it looks. Never heard of it? Probably because it only opened its doors on Aug 20.

Though new in KL, the restaurant has been around for 25 years in Singapore.

Owner Stanley Yeoh said it was time to come to KL as he felt there was a need for a Japanese BBQ restaurant in the city.

“While KL may be teeming with Korean BBQ outlets, the Japanese BBQ is a little hard to find,’’ Yeoh said.

Dining at Daidomon is made pleasant with state-of-the-art tables equipped with BBQ facilities – a Japanese technology. “When grilling food, smoke from the sizzling meat is sucked inwards, hence preventing the place from getting smoky,’’ he said, adding that it was cleaner, more hygienic and better for the environment.

Fresh: Rosu marinated beef goes well with a special sauce called Yakiniku which is made using 18 different ingredients. Specialising in BBQ items, the outlet is popular for its beef and seafood dishes, which are enjoyed with a special sauce called Yakiniku, made from 18 different ingredients.

The sauce goes very well with the wagyu beef and chicken.

As we bonded over dinner, watching our food sizzle on the hot plate and taking in the aroma of the meat and vegetables Yeoh explained to us about quality of food served in Daidomon.

“We only use fine quality ingredients from Japan when preparing our food.’’

Yeoh said for the beef, only the corn and grain eating animals were used.

Dinner started with assorted seafood of snow crab, prawns and scallops. It went well with the sauce which had a combination of sweet, spicy and tangy flavour.

After that an assortment of vegetables like capsicum, cabbages, eggplant, brinjal and mushrooms were served.

Apart from the barbecued items, we enjoyed four different types of marinated vegetables that went with the rice.

The outlet also serves an extensive selection of sake which have been nominated and are winners of Gold prize awards such as Shirataki Daiginjo Kinsho, Shirataki Ryofu Nama, as well as a couple of limited edition sake from Niigata district – a area well known for producing sake.

Originally published in The Star

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