New Mooncake Flavours

Tai Thong Restaurants

Nine new exquisite flavours this Mooncake Festival

  • Low Sugar Lemon-Flavoured Single Yolk
  • Low Sugar Lotus Paste with Mint
  • Aromatic Lemon Green Tea
  • Jade Delights with Coconut Silk
  • Snow Skin Blueberry with Green Tea Lemon Infusion
  • Snow Skin Honeydew Peach
  • Snow Skin Strawberry Apple
  • Snow Skin Sweet & Sour Blend
  • Snow Skin Chocolate Mint with Nut  Pieces

Not available in Western Division:
San Francisco Steakhouse
Palms Cafe & Bistro - Intan Square PJ


Disclaimer: We did our best to provide up-to-date info to you. However such info may be changed without our prior knowledge,You're advised to confirm with the restaurant in advance.

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