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New Pizza Hut Sensasi Delight!

Pizza Hut

Berinspirasikan masakan ibu. Harga mampu!

Memperkenalkan aneka hidangan baru Sensasi Delight, rasanya selazat masakan ibu! Harganya, anda mampu! Cubalah kesemuanya di Pizza Hut hari ini dan nikmatilah rasa masakan seperti di rumah!

Try these 4 new Pizza Hut Sensasi Delight Dishes:

- Garlic Butter Chicken Pizza
- Chicken Carbonara Spaghetti
- Ayam Masak Merah Rice
- Ayam Masak Merah Pizza

Price: RM8.50 1 Set (per person)

*Visit restaurant for more details. 
*Call 1 300 882 525 for enquiries.

Disclaimer: We did our best to provide up-to-date info to you. However such info may be changed without our prior knowledge,You're advised to confirm with the restaurant in advance.

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