Japanese Winter Hot Pot

Tatsu Japanese Restaurant
Japanese Winter Hot Pot

RM30.00 to RM250.00 per selection

Available daily for lunch & dinner

Share the happiness of the Japanese Winter Hot Pot together with your family and friends at Tatsu Japanese Restaurant as Chef Yanagida showcases the Goose Fish and Puffer Fish Hot Pot. Goose Fish has a mild, sweet flavour similar to lobster while the Puffer fish, also known as "Fugu", is one of the greatest epicurean pleasures available to us and is truly a subtle pocket of deliciousness. It just takes about 10 minutes to get a steaming bowl of Japanese Hot Pot to be ready with the items added at just the perfect time to ensure they are cooked perfectly. With a bottle of sake, it will be a perfect match.

For reservations, please call +603 2782 6118

Disclaimer: We did our best to provide up-to-date info to you. However such info may be changed without our prior knowledge,You're advised to confirm with the restaurant in advance.

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